Rag-Doll Sweetheart by Tracy

By Olga Odinets - 9:58 PM

I hope everyone is enjoying their weekend and you all get some creative time in :)
Today I am sharing with you a card I made with Olga's Rag-Doll Sweetheart image.
And a sweetheart she is :)

I coloured this beauty up with my Copic markers and went to town with some paper piecing.
I thought this image was perfect for it.
I do all my paper piecing with the printer and hope to have a video tutorial out on that soon. But soon to me could be next year, teehee.
First, I always print out my image on photocopy paper to make sure I have the right size.
Then I put in my Copic paper to print up the image to colour.
I then add a bit of tape to the back of the pattern paper and adhere it to the photocopy paper where I want it to print.
With this image I wanted to add the arms on top of the dress. So again I adhered a piece of scrap Copic paper to the photocopy paper to where the arms are on the image and then printed them out.
Lots of steps but it works for me.
Hey, now I don't need to make a video :)

Another tip:
I always add shading to my paper piecing as I think it not only adds dimension to the pattern paper, but also looks like the pattern paper is part of the image.

I hope you enjoyed not only my card, but also my tips for today :)

I also hope you all have a creative Sunday :)


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10 коммент.

  1. Tracy your card is gorgeous!!! love the colors and paper piecing is amazing! thank you! x

    1. Thank you so much Olga :)
      I am happy you like how I did up your image :)

  2. This is fabulous Tracy - but I think you should still do a video LOL!

    1. Thank you Karon.
      That is why I do videos, I'm better at showing then explaining :)
      Keep an eye out for it in the next year or so, lol.

  3. love your card and image the paperpiecing is exquisite

  4. Your card is beautiful Tracy!

    1. Thank you Katie, I think this image is adorable.

  5. This is amazing ! Please still do the video as I'm new to this an would love to see it applied step by step. Again very beautiful !

    1. Thank you so much Darlene, I will still do a video...just to find some time :)