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Pencils tutorial: Blonde hair and light skin water pencils coloring

11:37 AM

Hello friends! It is a busy and very hard week for me. It is just Tuesday and I'm already done=) Had a lot to do with our DT call and My helping hand big charity sale! Thank you everybody who is taking part in LBBS life=)

But today I would like to share with you two small tutorials which I filmed while i was playing with my new pencils.
These are watercolor pencils but I do not use water on small areas like some parts of a hair or outfit - where my printer ink could be washed out!
These pencils I got are a little bit harder than i used to - they are not so soft and not so great in blending. But anyways it is better than nothing=)
So if you have pencils I think it will be useful for you too=)
Here I used Miss Lilly Sakura stamp
Thank you for watching! Have an awesome day!!

Blonde hair

Light skin

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  1. Great tutorial Olga.
    I still haven't tried colouring with pencils. I like the softness of using the pencils

    1. Thank you very much Tracy! It is very easy to color with pencils but regular cheap pencils can't get that effect that Copics give=)))


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