Would you like a cup of tea?

By Marvelous Sky - 3:20 AM

Today I want to show you a postcard with a digital stamp Miss Lilly Tea cup.

This wonderful girl immediately caught my attention. Cozy parties with friends: talk about anything, hot tea and yummy. Such associations are caused by this lovely girl.

For its coloring I used Finecolour markers. Then gently cut out the contour and lifted it onto the foamed scotch.
And what tea without yumminess? =) On the edge I stamped pieces of cake in a plate. On the contour I added stitch line with a liner.
Such a postcard will be an excellent gift for a birthday or even an invitation to tea.

Click the picture below to check Miss Lilly out in the shop!

I wish everyone an excellent mood! And do not forget to invite your friends to tea. =)

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