New store. New Life.

By Olga - 11:59 AM

Hello guys! We did it! Finally we remade our online store!
It's address is the same -
You can ask me why? Here are benefits of a new store:
1. You can pay for your order immediately. After you finish your order store will open a PayPal payment box for you.
2. Better navigation. Now you have no need to come back each time when you want to switch categories. Now all the categories are in the  top of a page!

3. New releases will be displayed in the blog of course as well as in a module "Latest" where you can directly add them to the cart!

4. No sidebars, no overloaded interface! All the important information and reminders you can see in a slideshow in the center of the home page. Click on the banner and you will get to rubber stamps page, to our blog or to a latest news!

5. You can add your coupon code or gift certificate code and recalculate the price automatically!

Hope you will like all the new updates we provided! We spent the whole day here=)))lol
Have a wonderful weekend!!

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