Adventures of Princess Eris. Coloring+stories printable book for kids. Story 1.

By Olga - 4:10 PM

Hello friends! Oh today we are so excited to share with you our new project! This project was growing up in my mind for a while - actually since I thought of creating an Eris stamp.
Finally I decided to make it real and asked Leigh if she wanted to join me=)
Leigh is such a sweet friend and she always support all my crazy ideas=)lol
So together we created the first story about Princess Eris.

This is a book of printable stories for kids, where they can color images included in each story.
Isn't it fun - when you can read a wonderful teaching story to your child and then he or she could color all the images inside?
So here you are - the first story is called "Hello Eris!" (sounds familiar?)
You can DOWNLOAD it for free HERE also it is available in our store!
I was so honored when Olga asked me to be part of this project.  I had a lot fun helping create this first story.  I can't wait to create more. Hope everyone enjoys this fun interactive book for kids.


How everything is going:
We will be releasing new stories from time to time. All you need is to download each story, print it and add to a folder. Also there are a cover available for download in the first story. You can print this cover and glue it down on the cover of your file folder and then add all the stories there=)

So we are crossing our fingers and hoping you and your kids will like our new project!
Please leave a feedback - we really need to know your opinion!
Thank you and have an amazing day!
Olga and Leigh=)

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