Project "Helping hand 2". Little Barbara is going to Germany

By Olga - 8:11 AM

Hello guys! Maybe you can remember little girl Barbara who was the cause of our Helping Hand big sale last year? Well I have some news.
She was having chemo in Belorussia but now they can't help her any more there. You know post-soviet countries do not have such a progressive equipment and doctors that Europe has.
This little girl and her parents have a group of 4 thousand people who help them to spread the word and to search for clinics. Unfortunately little one is in a bad condition - she has non-Hodgkin's lymphoma. They found clinic in Germany which agreed to take little girl for treatment. They calculated all the operations, medicine, living, feeding and so on and asked 500 000 Euro...
This crazy amount of money is something impossible for the first sight. But since they opened donation passed only four days and they already got $2000.
So I'm opening new stage of donation. While purchasing in the store you can add "Donation to help little Barbara fight cancer" which is only $1 and I will send them to this little girl. You can add as many donations as you want or you can add none - it's up to you and no one will judge you.
But I will be sending them some amount from time to time even no one donated.

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