Tea holder box from guest designer Rebecca Oliver

By Olga - 9:24 AM

Hello friends! We hope you had fun yesterday? Yeah! And now it's time to relax and get a little bit of inspiration from our guest designer Rebecca!
Please feel free to check out Rebecca's YouTube channel for more details and blog.

For this project Rebecca used Cutie hatter digi stamp. Isn't it perfectly fitting for a tea themed project?

"I am a wife to a wonderful husband, and currently a student, and crafting is my "new" hobby. I say "new" because I only got into crafting about 2-2 and half years ago. Although I grew up around my Grandmother and Mother doing all sorts of crafts and an Aunt who was a seamstress, I only recently became passionate about it.. I do like all sorts of crafts, I am opened minded about it and like to learn new things. When I was a teenager I learned to do cross stitch, I can still do it now, but my new passion is for paper crafting, but I like making things with fabric too. I love to recycle and re purpose household items that would otherwise go straight in the bin.. I hope my ideas can inspire people, because if I can inspire at least one person, I would have accomplished something. I like meeting new people and sharing ideas."

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