Digital stamps: what are these and how to work with them?

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Hello guys! I decided to make this post as a small guide to digital stamps world. I hope it will help to those who just start to play with them.
Digital stamps are vey easy and fun sort of stamps which are cheaper than clear or rubber stamps. And they are much easy to store!

1. Getting digi
Usually you get digi in online shop like Little Blue Button Stamps . After making an order you get a link to download. Also in most cases there are certain quantity of times you can download your digi from the shop - in LBBS it is 4. It means you have to download digi and store it in your computer. When something happened you can download it again from the shop, up to 4 times. If you lost it after 4 downloads it will be gone. So please be sure to store your digital stamps properly.
Usually you get digis in jpg or png files.

2. Keeping your digi
The main way to store your digi - is to create a folder on your computer or in the cloud (ICloud or Google Drive) and upload your digis there (but don't forget you password to these sources). Also you can make a copy on your personal flash drive.
Some crafters print all the digis also and store them in the folder to see what digis do they have or to practice coloring.

3. Resizing and printing
The most fun part of digital stamps is that you can resize them! Whether you make 3x3 card or a big altered canvas, you can use the same digi and fit it to the size you want.
Usually you have to use different graphic editors as Adobe Photoshop, Pixelmator or else.
You can also resize them using Microsoft Word

4. Paper piecing
If you like paper piecing and you think that you can't do this to digis - you're wrong.
Digital stamps are very easy to paper piece.

5. Coloring
You can color digital stamps with all the medias you have.
If you like to color them with Copics or Promarkers or Touch Twin Markers you'd better print them with laser printer.
If you use watercolors you can use ink jet printer. Actually you can use any printer you have and practice your coloring as well as with regular ink pads.

Coloring with Copic Markers:

Coloring with Touch Twin Markers:

Coloring with watercolors:

Coloring with Distress Markers:

Total difference overview:

If you have questions please leave them in a comment and I will try to answer all of them

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Have fun!

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