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By Litle Blue Button Stamps - 11:19 AM

Hello friends! Today I came to you with a personal post. As some of you may know - I've been writing for more than fifteen years and always dreamt to be published.
I was raised in a family of book readers and loved literature from the childhood. As I turned out 25 I started to contact different publishing houses and literary agencies about publishing my books. I did not do it before because I had no Internet and was busy with studying=)
Well, let me continue.
Writing is another passion of mine together with drawing, one dream (LBBS) is real and now I just have to try to make another dream of mine to come true!

So I was contacted by two editors from UK and from Russia - Xlibris and Ripol Classic publishing houses. Each of them after reading my manuscript considers to publish it in their publishing house.
Xlibris asks 600 UK pounds for publishing my book with paperback and in e-form, PR company and all the things.
Ripol Classic asks 120,000 RUB+pre publication fee (about 70,000 RUB) it is about 2,500 USD for publishing 500 copies and PR company.
Here comes the problem.
I live in a war zone and all our money go for paying bills and for buying food, so I just don't have needed amount of money.
So I will be very thankful to everyone who has some spare money and wish to donate it to my dream!
When book will be on it's way to publishing I will list all the names of donators on the last page of it with a huge thank!

>>>>>>You can make a donation to paypal or just buy some digital stamps from my shop<<<<<<<

I will be writing down all the donators names so I won't lose them.
So I am thankful to everyone in advance! It means a lot. I will be making reports from time to time if you're interested how this company is going!

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